Accelerators and Mirrors

(Q) Is it allowed to do the manoeuvres without using the accelerator?

(A) This is perfectly okay provided there is no loss of control but requires a modern vehicle with an Engine Management Unit (EMU) that will control the tick-over for you. Without an EMU it will not be possible

(Q) What do you think about a candidate moving their head to show they are using the mirrors?

(A) This is un-necessary – see above.

(Q) Does the way a candidate dresses or behaves affect the outcome of a test?

(A) Dress – not the slightest effect, male or female, smart or not.

Behaviour – can effect a test, but only because it usually shows up in the driving in the way other road users are handled. Also, an examiner is under no obligation to be nice to someone who is not being nice to them. Why upset someone who at that moment might have your future in their hands?

(Q)Should you keep out of the centre painted area of road, called Chevrons, if bordered by a broken line, when turning right into a side road?

(A)No, so long as it is safe to drive over them. That is what they are there for, to protect a vehicle turning right, from other traffic..

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