Deal with other vehicles

(Q) How should you deal with other vehicles that come up whilst you are doing a manoeuvre?

(A) Other cars appearing on the scene is different for each manoeuvre.

1). Turn in the road. Most cars will wait. If they stop, just continue with the manoeuvre in an unhurried manner, keeping an eye on them just in case. Best not to wave them on.

2). Reverse park. It is an unwritten rule to wait for cars trying to reverse park. If a car comes up, either direction, cease the manoeuvre long enough to see if this is their intention. Don’t wave them on this time, they should be able to see if it is clear to go, if they want to, and if there is room. They might try to squeeze through at any time during the manoeuvre, so keep an eye on them.

3). Corner reverse. This is different. If commencing in a busy road, it is not practicable to wait until nothing is coming from behind, you would be there all day. Proceed in short bits to the side road, or if extremely busy, do it continuously, but very slowly. It helps if you are able to do this manoeuvre quite briskly, but safely of course, then you can perhaps get this first part done in between traffic. Do not do the turn into the side road if anything is going to be inconvenienced by your front swinging out wide. If the main road is busy, you have just got to wait at this point.

For infrormation on how rules change while you are turning, or once you have turned click here.

(Q) How do I deal with a damaged windscreen?

(A) Use a windscreen repair/replacement service.

As soon as you notice damage on your windscreen, you must have it repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage which would result in greater costs.

Repairing the damage will stop cracks from spreading and will help to retain the strength of the glass, making a greater barrier in the event of an accident. See: Windscreen Repair.