Frequently Asked Questions About The Driving Test

(Q) Are there any plans to raise the minimum driving age?

(A) There are absolutely no plans to change the minimum driving age. This is a rumour that keeps surfacing every few years.

(Q) Do examiners have a quota of passes?

(A) No they don’t. Their results are monitored though as a tell tale guide if the examiner is doing his own thing instead of keeping within the DSA’s marking criteria.

(Q) Can you use your own car for the test, and what do you have to do?

(A) Yes you can, and this is the official DSA response to this query:-

“I can confirm that you can present your own vehicle for the test however you must ensure that it is mechanically sound. All equipment by law must be fitted and working correctly. The controls, seating, equipment or any other articles in the vehicle must be arranged so that they don’t interfere with the conduct of the test.

The vehicle will be deemed unsuitable for testing if the vehicle has no clear view to the rear – other than by use of the exterior mirrors, the vehicle is fitted with only a driver’s seat and it must not be loaded or partly loaded.

You may wish to contact your insurance company to verify that you are covered to take the test in your vehicle as this will be asked on the day of your test. This means that your insurance company will need to send you a letter confirming you are covered to take a driving test.

You will need to fit an extra rear view mirror for use by the examiner which is available from most car accessory stores. “L” plates must also be displayed on both the front and rear of the vehicle.

Also, the car must have a seatbelt and headrest fitted as standard to the front passenger seat. When driving to the test centre you must have someone accompanying you, who has held their British licence in the category you are learning for more than 3 years and is also over the age of 21. If you wish for that person to accompany you on the test you must advise the examiner at the time of the test.”