Giving Signals

(Q)Should you give signals regardless, for pulling out around parked cars?

(A)You do not need to signal before going round parked vehicles as a general rule, and certainly not if there is nothing behind you unless you think another road user might benefit from the signal, such as a pedestrian about to cross, and it can be misleading sometimes. If you are looking well ahead, as you should be, you will see the obstruction in good time, and should immediately check mirrors to see what is behind you. The following vehicle expects you to go round it so a signal is unnecessary.

You should, of course, start pulling out in good time, making it a gentle smooth manoeuvre, not suddenly in and out at the last moment. You would go down for that and the correct marking would be understeering. If parked vehicles are close enough, you should stay out and not, again, go in and out all the time.

For the rare occasions that a signal is necessary, you will know without having to be told, at least I hope so anyway!

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