The Theory Test

The Theory Test

At worst, we do this test because obviously, we won’t be able to do the practical driving test without it. However, there are other reasons. it does actually make you more aware of the rules of the road and what hazards are. I don’t have a doubt that studying for the theory test helped me become a safer driver.

I can understand why people on the net, (after failing the HP test in particular) believe that it’s just a way for the government to increase its income but I believe it does have a useful purpose and it IS perfectly passable.

I did take a mock theory test before I even looked at a highway code and managed to score 36 out of 50. This demonstrates that either I was very lucky with the questions that came up (and there’s no guarantee I would be as lucky in the real theory test) or that what people say about a lot of the theory test questions/answers being common sense, is true.

Try the same thing. See how far you can get with just common sense, but remember that to enhance your chances of getting the other more difficult questions right, you will need to be prepared to study.

Theory Test 01 – Theory Test 02 – Theory Test 03 – Theory Test 04 – Stopping Distances – Road Signs Test

The theory test is actually made up of two separate sections – a multi-choice question test and a hazard perception test. You must pass both sections in order to gain your theory test pass certificate. Fail just one section and you will need to re-take both sections at a later date.

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